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Activities around Gamlitz

Wine Experience Tour
Weinerlebnisführung in der Südsteiermark (c) Weingut Grasmuck
Weinerlebnisführung in der Südsteiermark (c) Weingut Grasmuck

Wine Experience Tour in Southern Styria

A good glass of white wine from southern Styria? For wine lovers, this is an essential when visiting the region. But how does this good drop of wine ultimately end up in the wine glass? What process did it have to go through and what story does it tell? Many questions to which you will get answers during a wine experience tour.

Experience wine up close

At a wine experience tour at the Grasmuck winery you will learn everything you need to know about grapes and their way until to the wine glass. Starting at the "Rebschule", where the young grapevines are grown and raised, you will learn all the basics about different types of grapes and their specifics. Afterwards you will enter the old wine cellar with traditional barrels made from oak wook. The modern stainless steel tanks are the center of the wine production.

Taste and enjoy

Last but not least you will visit the wine shop, where a sweet temptation awaits and you have a variety of wines to try and taste. Because the best wine is always the one that you like best!

If you have always been asking yourself, what flavours and fragrances wine connoisseurs talk about when they taste a fine wine: you can find out more about it on the wine adventure tour. For example, in which grape you can smell green peppers or ripe peaches.


A very special experience and educational and interesting even for non-wine connoisseurs!

Weinerlebnisführung in der Südsteiermark (c) Weingut Grasmuck

Information & Booking

Where: Weingut Grasmuck, Obere Hauptstraße 51, 8462 Gamlitz
Duration of the tour
: around 90 minutes
Group size: 4 to max. 25 persons
Tours: only with reservation!

Weinblütenwanderung in Gamlitz, Südsteiermark

Hike around the grape vines

The winery Assigal invites you to a special wine experience in the south Styrian nature park:

During a hike "around the grape vines" a Sauvignon Blanc tells its story – from the vine to the wine glass. The tour is possible from 4 people onwards from May to October.

Wine tastings & winery tours

A lovely aspect of the south Styrian wine culture is: You can simply make a stop at almost every local winery and taste the homemade wines. However, don't forget to make a reservation in advance, to make sure the winegrowers are ready for you!

After a delicious Buschenschank snack, the wine cellar and the tastefully decorated tasting room in the Trabos winery await you. Let the family Trabos introduce you to their multiple award-winning wines and find your personal favorite!

Just a few minutes' walk from the Weinlandhof, located on a small hill in the middle of Gamlitz, you will find a real showpiece: Gamlitz Castle. The square building from the 17th century impresses with a baroque facade and a Mediterranean courtyard. In the elegant ambience of the newly renovated rooms you can register for a wine tasting.

The family-run winery is located directly in Sulztal and impresses above all with its savoury snacks. Highlight: A 3- to 7-course delicacy meal including wine accompaniment.

Would you like something savoury - or something sweet? At the Schwarzl winery you can try South Styrian bites and delights made by Katharina. Homemade with love countless regional "Schmankerl" will await you - from our famous pumpkin seed oil over chutneys to fruit spreads to pickles.

At a tour through the winery at winery Jöbstl you will experience the different areas of the production and gain authentic insights into life and work at the winery.

During the wine tasting you can experience the quality of the wines and the homemade juices first hand.

Genuss und Kulinarik in der Südststeiermark
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Your Hotel at the South Styrian Wine Road

At Weinlandhof Gamlitz, we will provide you with everything you need for a perfect holiday. Whether you're a late riser or an early bird - you will surely feel comfortable in our contemporary designed rooms. At our in-house restaurant you can enjoy our varied regional and seasonal cuisine - with specialties and delicacies straight from southern Styria. And if you need to recharge your batteries after many excursions, our wellness area is the perfect spot to relax and unwind.


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